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Hi Everyone!

We have had a YouTube channel for a while now and just recently have begun to add more and more content.

Today we had a request for a new decal to be created, the image was not the greatest, but we made it work and the result was fantastic!

This is a short video, just watching me work without instructions on how to create it.  Here are the links to both the finished decal in our shop and the video on our youtube channel.

While you are there, consider subscribing, it would really help us out.

We added a new line of organic catnip pillows and have partnered with an all organic site called  Check out all of their all natural, 100% organic products made in the USA, wonderful products for a healthier planet.

Here are the links to our catnip pillows. Our cats go crazy over them, yours will too!

Till next time!



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  • What a great video! Showing the tools and the skills it takes to create premium high quality vinyl stickers and decals really helps people understand the artistry. Thanks for sharing!

    David on

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