Sassy Baby Bibs - Not your everyday bunny.

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Hey Everyone!

Have you ever seen a baby wearing a sassy bib?  Of course you have!  They most have a picture of a cute bunny, or a cute sassy saying.. cute is fine, cute is wonderful, cute is, well, cute... But upon closer inspection, the bib is usually thin and small, have little strings that go around the neck and really don't do much to protect or absorb anything or is printed on plastic that once it goes in the wash, is destroyed! . .cute design yes, but yuck and ewww, who wants to put plastic around your babies neck?  No one we know of!

What you should be looking for is a thicker bib that covers the whole front of your baby, has wide shoulders (not strings) and is super absorbent to keep the yuck and ewww off without the use of a plastic liner.  One that is certified by CPSIA**

We have the answer! SassyBabyBibs by BlueVinylStickers! 

We use The Laughing Giraffe*, 2 ply, 100% cotton interlock knit bibs for the base of all of our baby bib products.  They are closed with hook and loop closure tape for easy on and off.  These bibs are not leak proof but they are 100% cotton knit, super soft, comfortable and absorbent.  They will withstand lots of washings and drying and remain soft and absorbent.

Each bib measures a generous 7 x 7 bib area and the shoulders are a generous 2 inches wide, giving this bib excellent coverage for any infant or young child.

We are adding new products to this line everyday, or if you have a saying you would like on a bib, just click here, follow the simple instructions and we will get your one of a kind, unique and sassy bib on the way to you!

* Laughing Giraffe is a registered trademark is used with permission.

** CPSIA stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This act seeks to promote the safety of consumer products by addressing unreasonable risks of injury and setting world wide standards of safety for all children's products. 

What that means is that we are using a cotton bib that has been certified child safe and we are using vinyl materials that have also been certified child safe, making our bibs 100% safe and free from anything that will harm your child cute and sassy!

Visit our expanding line of SassyBabyBibs by clicking on the link below and if you would like to view our ever expanding collection, please click here.

As always, be safe and be happy!



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