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Hi Everyone!

We made it to June 1st!  The weather at our house is in the 100's and it has been for a while now, so it looks like a long hot summer ahead.

As we go, we are learning more and more about our hosting service and the way the program works.  If you joined us a while ago, you will now see that the shop has a whole new look.  We are going for a fresh and clean look, no fancy backgrounds to distract from our decals and mailing labels.

We are working on our navigation to make the site easier to find what you are looking for and placing similar products together so you can compare or possibility get inspired to have us create something for you.

We are also in the process of uploading a new color chart to our  decal listings.  If you should come across a color chart that has 43 colors, not to worry, we still have all of the colors available, but have decided to downsize and just offer our most popular colors from this point forward.  If you have a special color request, just drop us a note and ask if we have it in stock.  We can special order in colors we don't stock and it takes about a week to receive them, so don't hesitate to ask for a color you don't see in a listing, we just may have it.

We uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel, "Save the Bees!" we hope you find helpful and informative if you create decals yourself.  Along with that, the design is available to everyone here as a decal, a printed sticker or as an SVG file if you would like to cut it yourself.

Short blog today, but back to work to bring you the best site we can.

Happy Crafting!


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