Welcome to our new shop!

Posted by Susan VanHunnik on

Welcome to my new shop!

Back in February, we started thinking it was time to move our shop from Etsy to our own shop so we could have a little bit more control over our business.  We made the move on March 5 and as current history shows, that was quite a day!  The country shut down just as we were opening up!

So we have been working everyday to get our shop in order (and it is still not there) but we have met some incredible people that have helped us get up and running in the last month and now we are in the process of reworking everything for a better and more professional looking shop, so stay tuned.

We are open during our construction and if you find any mistakes in any of the listings, please let us know. One thing to look out for is that our shop was set so our postage was in pounds not ounces, so if you think your postage is out of line, just let us know and we will check it out.

Our original shop set up person was less than knowledgeable and made quite a mess for us to clean up, so again, if you see something that you don't think is quite right, let us know.

We hope to bring you some new content, how to install decals, what fonts work well with other fonts and a weekly special offer.  All those will be coming in the near future, but right now, it's all hard hats and boots!

Thanks for joining us on this journey and use the code VIP10 for a 10% discount on your purchases!


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