How to install your vinyl decal - Vinyl Decal Application

All decals are sent with detailed application instructions, but if they get lost, here are the basics to apply your beautiful decal. 

  1. Clean your surface using soap and water, do not use Windex on windows, it leaves a film.
  2. Place the decal on a flat surface and run your fingers over it to make sure the decal is firmly attached to the transfer sheet.
  3. For curved or flat surfaces: Remove the decal from the backing paper, hold it in a U and place it down on the surface.

(Once it touches, it sticks & can't be moved)

  1. Smooth with your fingers and then slowly peel the backing paper away in a rolling motion.
  2. If any part does not stick, replace the paper and smooth again using a little more force.

 More detailed instructions are provided with your purchase but you can always contact us for additional help if you need it.

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