Habit Tracker Round Stickers

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Do you keep a planner or a journal to track your habits? These round habit trackers will help keep you on track to meet your goals! Don't spend time drawing circles, peel and stick with our habit tracker stickers!

A blank center allows you to customize the item you are tracking, . Add it to your planner or journal and color in the sections as you complete your goal.

Printed on professional grade matte sticker papers, with commercial quality inks, they can be colored with colored pencils and ink pens will not bleed through to your journal pages. They are permanent, once they are stuck, they are stuck!

Ordering options are:

Set of 6 Black

Set of 6 (2 each) Purple, Pink and Turquoise 

Set of 6 (2 each) Black, Red and Blue

Set of 12 (2 each) Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink or Turquoise (all colors)

Tracker circle is 2 1/2" inches round, the border makes the total size of the sticker 2 3/4" inches round.

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