Mandala Dial SVG, Split Mandala Dial SVG, Personalized Mandala for Tumblers, 18 Zipped Files

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This is a set of solid Mandala Dials and a set of Split Mandala Dials.

You are purchasing the .SVG and .JPG Files, we include the .Studio3 file as a bonus. 

Both the SVG and Studio3 files are fully resizable to anything from 3 inches to as 12 inches.  The split mandala is perfect for any personalized tumbler.

In my youtube video, I give a code for 50% off this Mandala set to the first 50 buyers.  If you haven't seen the video yet, hoop on over and check it out and grab the discount code.   Creating Mandala Dial

Please check with your software maker before purchase to make sure you can use either the svg or studio files.  No refunds if your software version is not able to read these files.  All digital files are considered non-refundable once the file has been downloaded.  If you should have any issues with the zipped file or the contents, please let us know.

All files are checked and verified virus free and safe to use.

Watch me create the Fancy Blue Mandala 

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