Organic Catnip Pillow

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Here is a great, all natural catnip toy for your furbaby!

Made with 100% Cotton fabrics and battings and filled with layers of organically grown, very fragrant, catnip.  Your fur babies go crazy purring, scratching and playing with them for hours!

Each handmade pillow measures apx 4 1/2" inches square and apx 1/2" thick with several layers of batting, sprinkled with organic catnip.  We double stitch each pillow to ensure the catnip stays on the inside through hours of rough play. 

You will receive a set of 2 pillows, as shown in the pictures.

Our fabric manufacturers have certified their fabrics to be GOTS / USDA organic cotton.  No dyes, bleaches or chemicals were used in the fabric or batting production and the catnip is certified to be organic and wild grown, no pesticides or chemical used in the growth or final production.

This is a 100% USA grown, manufactured and created product.

Fabric is natural beige in color and may have occasional dark flecks.  This is normal.

As featured on Kinilly Natural & Organic Products.

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