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Classic Stick Figure Family Vinyl Decal - Position Missing!  Are you missing a spouse?  Here is the perfect decal for you vehicle.  Great for any car or van window. Family is in height order, ready to apply as a single decal.


Select the number of family members (pets included)

Select the color for your family decal.

In the notes to seller, tell us what order and family members you would like.

(Position Missing Arrow, Mom, Older Brother, Younger Sister, Cat, Cat, Dog = 7 family members

Position arrow counts as ONE family member

Available family members are:

Please do not ask for members that are not listed here

Dad 3 inches tall (7.62 cm)

Mom - 3 inches tall (7.62 cm)

Older Boy - 2.5 inches tall  (6.35 cm)

Older Girl - 2.5 inches tall (6.35 cm)

Younger Boy - 2 inches tall  (5.8 cm)

Younger Girl - 2 inches tall (5.8 cm)

Baby Boy - 1.25 inches tall  (3.175 cm)

Baby Girl - 1.25 inches tall (3.175 cm)

Dog - 1.25 inches tall  (3.175 cm)

Cat - 1.25 inches tall  (3.175 cm)

All of our decals are made in house and are easy to apply with the attached transfer tape.  Our professional grade decals are suited for all weather, outdoor and indoor use, will adhere to any smooth surface but will not stick to unfinished wood, leather, fabric, rubber or silicone surfaces. 

Decals can be run through multiple car washes without harm or damage 48 hours after application.

For more information about my policies, including shipping, returns and processing times, please check out the policies section of my shop!

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